Latin nameIndium
English nameIndium
chemical symbolIn
atomic number49
relative atomic mass114,818
discovery year1863
discovererF. Reich,
T. Richter
melting point [°C]156,61
boiling point [°C]2080
density [g cm-3]7,31
density at melting point [g cm-3]7,02
electronegativity [Pauling]1,78
stand. el. potential [V]-0,2
oxidation statesI, II, III
electron configuration[Kr]4d10 5s2 5p1
atomic radius [pm]156
covalent radius [pm]144
specific heat [J g-1K-1]0,23
heat of fusion [kJ mol-1]3,263
thermal conductivity [W m-1 K-1]81,8
el. conductivity [S m-1]3,4.106
1. ionizing potential [eV]5,7864
2. ionizing potential [eV]18,869
3. ionizing potential [eV]28,03
Mohs hardness1,2
Brinell hardness [MPa]8,8
Young's modulus [GPa]11
state at normal conditionssolid

Indium is a malleable, very soft, silvery-white metal. Indium was discovered by Ferdinand Reich and H.T. Richter in 1863.