Latin nameRuthenium
English nameRuthenium
chemical symbolRu
atomic number44
relative atomic mass101,07
classificationtransition metals
discovery year1844
discovererK. K. Klaus
melting point [°C]2334
boiling point [°C]4150
density [g cm-3]12,2
density at melting point [g cm-3]10,65
electronegativity [Pauling]2,2
stand. el. potential [V]+0,80
oxidation statesII, III, IV, V, VI, VIII
electron configuration[Kr]4d7 5s1
atomic radius [pm]178
covalent radius [pm]126
specific heat [J g-1K-1]0,238
heat of fusion [kJ mol-1]24,0
thermal conductivity [W m-1 K-1]120
el. conductivity [S m-1]1,4.107
1. ionizing potential [eV]7,3605
2. ionizing potential [eV]16,76
3. ionizing potential [eV]28,47
Mohs hardness6,5
Brinell hardness [MPa]2160
shear modulus [GPa]173
Young's modulus [GPa]447
point of superconductivity [K]0,49
state at normal conditionssolid