Latin nameTantalum
English nameTantalum
chemical symbolTa
atomic number73
relative atomic mass180,9479
classificationtransition metals
discovery year1802
discovererA. G. Ekeberg
melting point [°C]2996
boiling point [°C]5425
density [g cm-3]16,6
density at melting point [g cm-3]15,0
electronegativity [Pauling]1,5
oxidation statesII, III, IV, V
electron configuration[Xe]4f14 5d3 6s2
atomic radius [pm]200
covalent radius [pm]138
specific heat [J g-1K-1]0,14
heat of fusion [kJ mol-1]31,6
thermal conductivity [W m-1 K-1]57,5
el. conductivity [S m-1]8,1.106
1. ionizing potential [eV]7,89
Mohs hardness6,5
Vickers hardness [MPa]873
Brinell hardness [MPa]800
shear modulus [GPa]69
Young's modulus [GPa]186
point of superconductivity [K]4,47
state at normal conditionssolid

Tantalum is a gray, heavy, and very hard metallic element.